Error when trying to create new select option in SingleSelect field via API

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4 - Data Explorer


I'm working with the API, and when trying to create or update a SingleSelect field with a new select option, which was not exist, I get the following error:

{"error":{"type":"INVALID_MULTIPLE_CHOICE_OPTIONS","message":"Insufficient permissions to create new select option \"\"v0.65.1\"\""}}%

I set my personal API key with all of the available permission, i tried editing the field's permissions and set it with:

* Allow this field to be set in records created through forms

* Allow this field to be modified by automations

but it didn't work.

I didn't find anything useful in the API docs. 
Can anyone help? 

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

@BionicAlmog Hi, here is the thread discussing a similar issue. Maybe it's worth reading.

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for replying!

How can i add "{typecast: true}" when Querying in curl via bash? Can you send an example? i didn't found any in the docs or in the forums.