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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

10 extensions per base on the Pro plan! Do you really think 10 is enough for each base? I can unlimited things but when it comes to make them readable understandable with extensions Dashboard I have limit even in Pro Plan.

Enterprise edition is not a solution because we don’t need to be an enterprise to summarize our base data.

What does the community think about this?

Regards and thanks,

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The community’s response to the (then) new limitation for Pro plans is detailed pretty scathingly in the thread below. My response is the first reply to the thread and sums up my personal thoughts on the matter.

No one does, and not likely Airtable itself. In my view, this limit is absurd and will only constrain sales and adoption and suppress innovation. Imagine if Microsoft capped the number of plugins you could use to get your spreadsheet work done. It’s like saying Microsoft Word can only use ten font styles; 11 requires an enterprise license. Please.

If Airtable were a robust and fully mature platform, I would back Airtable on this limit. But it’s not, and many of the extensions users need are chosen to compensate for missing or incomplete features. Extensions are a necessity to transform Airtable from an often adolescent and immature tool into something that can be adopted with confidence.

I fully agree with @Bill.French and everyone else on this topic, and I think that this issue should speak volumes as to what an immature, unprofessional, and misguided company Airtable is at the current moment. (And there are hundreds of other misguided decisions like this one that you haven’t yet noticed, @Ahmet_Karagoz.)

I keep hoping for a complete & total overhaul of the Airtable executive team, so that Airtable can finally become the product that we all want it to be.

To be clear, I have no data to suggest anything other than that which I’m able to observe in the product and the published policies. I suspect some of the issues that you see are more deeply entrenched in the management; you have more contact than I. But it’s also possible the vast majority of workers are mature, professional, and simply playing the hand that is dealt. Often, immense success can be difficult to handle and poor decisions sometimes get made, but we don’t know all the factors.

No argument - in this particular case, we do know most of the factors, and from a customer perspective, it is far less than ideal. If they are doing it to control costs or server load, they need to find another lever.

Let’s also call out Airtable’s willingness to waive this limit when any Pro user is working closely with an authorised consultant. It’s the Airtable Community Consultant App Limit Exemption Form for Pro Customers.

Yes, there are lots of glimmers of hope. And note that I said “at the current moment”. With the right management in place to guide things properly, I believe that Airtable can become one of the most successful SAAS products ever created, which is why I’ve hitched my wagon to it.

Totally agree with your reasoning! Actually the limitation imposed by Airtable is self-limiting. Airtable team should learn from coda or

I think it’s the other way around. :winking_face: The wagon is pulled only by people (i.e., like you).

Big tech often forgets that the vast and distributed nature of success in a digital world is a compounded energy created by tech experts who know how to help and foster the innovation made possible when a business domain expert is unconstrained by technical hurdles.

@Bill.French Thank you so much for your astute insights, and for your kind compliments as well (towards me and the other tech experts)!

So true! This is why it continually baffles me as to why Airtable treats its consultants and its ecosystem so poorly. :man_shrugging:t2: The complete opposite of how Coda treats its ecosystem.

You’re welcome. The real test of Airtable confidence is to see if you can actually link to Coda in your message without being sensored. :slightly_smiling_face: