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4 - Data Explorer

Hey everyone, been using integromat and trying to find records in Airtable.
Is there an option to search for a record using 2 conditions?
I want to find the record that has the following 2 conditions (see attached image)
Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 17.39.07

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That is not a valid Airtable formula. I would recommend building your formula in Airtable first to get the correct results that you want in Airtable. Then, after you have it working correctly in Airtable, bring it over to Integromat and substitute in your desired values there.

Thanks for the reply Scott, how would you build the formula properly? As I didn’t manage to do it also in Airtable it self.

What are you trying to achieve with your formula?

Your original formula is

      "fromNumber", {Phone number},
      "body", {Index}

That’s not how either FIND() or AND() works. FIND() returns the position of a single string within another single string. AND() asks if all arguments return “true”. None of your AND arguments are either blank or false so it would return true, and you’re trying to feed an array to FIND.

The proper formula would be structured like this:

   FIND("fromNumber", {Phone number}),
   FIND("body", {Index})

Thanks Kamille! That works! The only problem I now have is that when I try to find a record with an index of 2. The formula returns the record with an index of 12. Is there a way to search for the specific value of 2?

That’s typically {Field Name} = 2 as opposed to using FIND