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Getting started on scripts and extensions

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I want to help make my company better with scripts and extensions.  However, I am not fluent with Github or Javascript.

I am a quick learner. I think that there are some ideas that I have that could be accomplished through extensions and scripts.  


I am just wondering if anyone has some advice on how to get started?  Maybe a beginning script or extensions I can build for AirTable that would be a proper introduction to it.  


I would love to create some functional buttons for my interface that link to scripts.



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Hi Drew, I would suggest you do a JavaScript course before you attempt building stuff for Airtable.  Basic JavaScript courses can be completed in a week or two

Building stuff for a new environment (in this situation, Airtable), in a language one is experienced with can be challenging due to the new environment having many unknown, confounding variables.

Adding learning a new language with a new environment in would become triply as challenging I think, and speaking from my own experience, very frustrating