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How to filter a linked record from a table by input with a script

I'm trying to filter my extract by the bank that the user select, but i'm always getting null.What am i doing wrong?const extract = await Extract.selectRecordsAsync({    fields: ["Name", "Data", "Valor", "Bank"]}).then(query => query.records)let bank...

Guics by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Update API Key to Access Token - Google Sheets Script

I'm trying to update a Google Sheets script that syncs an Airtable Base to Google Sheets. The script uses an API Key and I need to update it to use the Access Token.Anyone know how to update this code to use the Access Token instead of the API Key? T...

Resolved! Aritable listRecords API not returning fields data

HiI am trying to use below code (Google Apps Script) to get data from Airtable. The fetch request succeeds but the fields are returned as text [Object]. I am not able to see actual data. However the request works from other HTTP clients like Bruno.I ...

Sri1 by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Autodelete columns from 500 onwards

Hello there,Everytime an event occurs, a tool add a new record in Airtable. Once added, it's automatically sorted by Creating Time, so the newest one is always on top.What i need it that if the total rows is 500 and a new record is added on the top, ...

JSON script

Hi, I need to create a script that generates a JSON with the information of a record, I have done many tests but I get stuck with the easiest thing, assign the values of the fields to the JSON. Any idea of help or example, thanks a lot. let inputConf...

Resolved! Invalid Offset Value

Hi there,I'm facing this issue unfortunetly i checked on the community but none of the solutions work for me.This is the error: "type" Invalid_Offset_Value - The value of offset 100 is invalid.I'm trying to get 350 rows. I already did a first api cal...