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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there, hope someone can help me. I am used to visual basic which is obviously different. Is there any good guides anyone knows about how to get used to this or pointers on where to find the information. So excited (I know sad) to get some scripts working so I can speed up some of my more repetitive stuff and use new features on my base which I use daily and love it.



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Hi @Mark_Jamieson,
I was in a hurry at work yesterday, but I shouldn’t have forgotten this!
Tips for Getting Started with the Scripting Block
This is @VictoriaPlummer’s first article that should be consulted before looking for her many explained scripts.
You will gain a lot of energy and enhance the quality and diversity of your scripts if you spot Airtable’s Dev’s Engineers and Community’s Independent Consultants (not far: both of them just replied you here !) on this Block-Script forum because they offered us scripts and masterclasses since the beginning, which are here, ready to be studied, most of them can be forked by you if you understand a little about Licenses and Copyrights you should pay attention to.
It’s a great opportunity that I discovered when I was starting out and I’m still studying and practicing!
You will also visit their Show and Tell by searching their names to filter-out thousands of “product suggestions”.
We can’t thank them enough!