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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to write a formula that is used in another application through the API. The first Column “Collective Service” will only ever have one value (but could be one of six). The second Column is “Support Type” and it can have 1 to 3 value in it at any point. I would just like the formula to filter it when the first column is equal to one value and the second column also equal to one of the values. I have this at the moment: AND({Collective Service},‘Legal’, {Support Type},‘Divorce’) but it does not work. I have tried SEARCH and also FIND but that also does not work. Please help!!

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Welcome to the community, @Partners_MLC! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Looking at your formula, you’ve got four items in there, but two of them are literal strings, and there are no comparison operators. My guess is that you want that AND() function to return True when {Collective Service} is equal to “Legal,” and {Support Type} is equal to “Divorce.” Is that correct? If so, here’s the altered formula:

AND({Collective Service}="Legal", {Support Type}="Divorce")