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I am using airtable for my android app I made it on kodular. I use airtable for changing data of some lists etc. When I have 100 users I didn’t get any problem of slow loading by airtable. But since my app reached 100 users airtable sometimes send data too slow or some time don’t give any response (Only Loading screen I can see on my app) or some times it works normal. I want to know is there any type of bandwidth or active users limits in free plan? or is there a problem in airtable server. Please give me reply. Thanks.

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Airtable spells out the rate limits for you right in their API documentation:

Airtable is not meant to be a back end for applications or supporting heavy API usage. If you’ve built your application to make multiple API requests or complex API requests in a single action, it will not be difficult to hit the 5 request/second limit.

I’d suggest looking at something like, which is built for the purpose of supporting mobile applications.