Re: How can i filter records while fetching ones?

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4 - Data Explorer

hello, i am fetching data from table and prefer to filter them before displaying, to do like operator WHERE in SQL, how can i do this with airtable?

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Hi and welcome to the community.

I’m afraid you’ll need to be a bit more specific if anyone is to be of any help. How are you fetching this data? Via the API? It sounds like you’re inside Airtable itself, so… have you looked around?

Airtable’s Views are essentially SQL filters in a different jargon.

If you are building a custom app, you need to do any filtering in your code. The custom apps sdk does not support filtering as part of selecting records.

You cannot use SQL statements directly with Airtable data. Airtable bases do not use foreign keys the same way as a traditional relational database.