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How do you use the API to list records with field IDs instead of names?

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I’ve tried to update my code to take advantage of the field IDs instead of using field names. It works great when sending data to Airtable. But when I query Airtable for records, it sends the field name. Is there a way to get Airtable to send the field IDs instead?

Currently, I’m receiving something like this with field names:
{ id: ‘rec2FTSuyeCV042Pa’,
fields: { Person: ‘Steve’, Birthday: ‘1992-03-30’ },
createdTime: ‘2022-03-14T22:32:21.000Z’}

But I want to receive something like this with field ID’s instead:
{ id: ‘rec2FTSuyeCV042Pa’,
fields: { fldF2IRPW6dwD0VDr: ‘Steve’, fldkuv35FqhZPq2GT: ‘1992-03-30’ },
createdTime: ‘2022-03-14T22:32:21.000Z’}

Any help is appreciated!

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