How on earth do I create this script?

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4 - Data Explorer

I am a bit of a newb to scripting in general so still learning… But can someone help me parse parts of this text into columns within another table?

“Ether Protocol :black_small_square: 0xE2e335Ef26281ae3feaD48d79cF8F35Fb206fB54”

For example in one column to include “Ether Protocol” and in another the token address “0xE2e335Ef26281ae3feaD48d79cF8F35Fb206fB54”

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

If all of the records will have this exact format, you could use formula fields to extract the two parts. Then use a linked record field and lookups/rollups to get the values in the other table.

The exact format of the formulas depends on the exact structure of the data.

If you want to go a scripting route, that is also possible. How far have you gotten so far?