How to create a linked record in a different table via Zapier

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7 - App Architect

So let’s say I have two tables, (1) People and (2) Companies. I’ve created a form view in the People table, which has the following fields {First Name}, {Last Name}, and {Company}. What I’d like to have happen is that when a user fills out this form, the {Company} value is not only created in the People table, but also in the Companies table as linked record so that this person and the company in the Companies table are a linked record.

I would use Zapier for this, but I don’t know how to configure the Zap to get them to be linked as opposed to just creating an isolated record in the Companies table.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks a ton.

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This can be done completely inside of Airtable, no Zapier required. :slightly_smiling_face: I wrote a post the other day that outlines the process. In short, users filling out the form can pick from an existing list of companies, avoiding duplication if more than one person is from the same company. If someone is from a company that’s not listed, they choose “Other” and enter their company name into a field that appears. On the back end, an Airtable automation will make new entries for all “Other” selections, and those can be made available to anyone who later fills out the form.

Here’s the post that outlines the setup:

Thanks, Justin. So sorry I didn’t respond sooner as I got pulled into something else. I’m looking into this now and will give it a shot and let you know how it turns out. Really glad to know that I don’t really need Zapier can do this with native Airtable. Thanks for the linked article.