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How to Filter data with Record IDs not one of Array of IDs

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I have a table with Large set of rows, I have an Array of Record IDs which I do not want to display in the result of records, how to do that?
I am using airtable API for JavaScript,
I have tried using filterByFormula but unable to understand what syntax to write for this exact functionality

Sign in - Airtable in this filterByFormula: "NOT({name} = '')" instead of '' I want to able to pass an array if possible, or any alternate solution for the same

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Standard Javascript would be:


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The syntax needs to match a valid Airtable formula. For this reason, I always recommend building your formula in the Airtable interface directly first. I also recommend reading through the formula field reference.

In this case, the NOT formula cannot accept an array. Instead you would need something like

  {name} != "name 1",
  {name} != "name 2",
  {name} != "name 3",
  {name} != "name 4"

There are other possible formulas, especially if you convert your array to a string.

Also you mention an array of record IDs, but you reference the field {name} in your formula. Note that the record id is not the same as the primary field of a record.