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How to get TotalRows in a table

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Doing a test to implement AirTable with Qlik Sense, and I’m struggling with the setup for the pagination in the Qlik REST connector. How can I do a api-call to just get “total rows” /or “number of records” in a table? Or is the only way to loop until there is no value in the offset field?

Thanks for any help

Robert Svebeck

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I typically loop until there is no offset provided, however I make the API result as light as possible by providing the fields parameter and specifying either nothing or a single field.

Oh how I want the metadata API!

Ok, thanks Chester. I will continue to loop and loop and loop until the meta data api is here :slightly_smiling_face:

export const countRecords = async (table: Airtable.Table<any>) => {
  const records = await
  return records.length