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Hi community,

I’m working on the integration between ServiceNow and AirTable, the goal is to manage AirTable subscriptions through ServiceNow, so I need to get AirTable user subscriptions into ServiceNow.

Looking at the AirTable API documentation, I don’t see anywhere how to do a simple “Get Users”.

Using the Enterprise Account > Get Information, I’m only getting the userIds without the other parameters.

How can I get the list of AirTable users including all the following basic information?

"state": "provisioned",
"email": "",
"name": "foo baz",
"lastActivityTime": "2019-01-03T12:33:12.421Z"

Thanks a lot for your support

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Any chance to get support from community experts? thanks

Check the “Enterprise Account User” section of the Enterprise API Documentation. Specifically, the “Get Information” section.

Like I said in the post, using the Enterprise Account > Get Information , I’m only getting the userIds without the other information (state, email, name, lastActivityTime, etc.). How can I get all these additional information for all the users not for a single user? Thanks a lot

No, you are incorrect. You are looking in the wrong place.

You are looking in Enterprise Account > Get Information.

You need to be looking in Enterprise Account User > Get Information.

Are you seeing the extra word “User” that I put in bold?

In your very first post, you said that you are using:

This is NOT what is listed in the API documentation for getting info on the users.

This is what the documentation says:

I’m aware of the “Get Information” API mentioned but here we need to specify the “UserId” parameter, which means it’s getting the information of one single user which is obviously not acceptable for us as we might need to do thousands of REST API calls for getting all the users subscriptions.

Is there a way to modify this “Get Information” API to get all users in one single REST API call?

Thanks a lot

The answer is no.

You are also limited to 5 requests per second.

Thanks for your reply.

Another question please, I can’t find any API for “Create User” here: AirTable API Enterprise, is there a way to Create/Add a User to the AirTable Enterprise Admin portal?

Thanks a lot.

Not sure… there is an “Add Collaborator” command, but it looks like you need to already know the person’s Airtable Account ID in order to add them as a collaborator onto your workspace.

I would email with your questions & feature requests, and report back here with what they say!