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6 - Interface Innovator

My goal is to send an email to every (50+) people every month that reminds them to submit timesheets.

I tried to set this up in Zapier, however Zapier will not run the same row twice… #fail.

So I set up an Integromat account, however Integromat requires a Last Modified Time as a trigger, so unless a row has a modification I have no way to trigger it for an email…

I’m kind of perplexed on how to do something very simple…

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There are several different ways to begin an Integromat scenario. You aren’t required to start with a “Watch Records” module. You can start with a “Search Records” module, a webhook module, or other ways as well.

So, in your case, I would start your scenario with a “search records” module, and then schedule the search to run once per month.

More details on Integromat’s Airtable integrations in the links below:

I also discussed this very topic in this week’s BuiltOnAir podcast:

This could also be set up directly in Airtable. Create an automation that triggers once a month using the “At a scheduled time” trigger. Add a “Find records” action to search for records of email recipients (perhaps search for specifically-marked records if only certain people need to be reminded; otherwise find any record with an email address). In your choice of email action, design an email to send to those recipients (put their emails into the BCC field to keep the message header tidy).

Justin’s idea is a great idea, too! And it keeps you fully within Airtable!

Note that Airtable’s automations will limit you to 100 unique email addresses per day.

Good suggestion. However, I’m hitting the limit on both Airtable emails per day (100) as well as total automations (25)… so unfortunately I’m looking at Integromat here.