Re: How to update the multi select field present inside Airtable Form?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Team,

We have almost 20 air tables,views and each view is attached to 1 air table form.
for e.g.
Airtable Name: internal_link<CUSTOMER_NAME>
Airtable View Name: internal-linking-<CUSTOMER_NAME>-views
Airtable Form Name: internal-linking-suggestion-<CUSTOMER_NAME>

Likewise, we have 20 tables, views and forms for each customer.

Each form is having field named as Source Category which is of type multi-select. The values in this field are different for each customer. Right now, I have provided these values statically by some manual work.Now i’m looking forward to update these values in every form dynamically with respect to each customer.

FYI. The data for Source Category field is available inside snowflake database. You can say. snowflake database is source to fetch the values for this field.

Please see below image as an example for ADOC customer.


Also, have a look at the form which is same for every customer. Only values in Source Category field are varying.
Screenshot from 2022-09-14 16-51-04

So, how to automate update the Airtable multi-select type field(i.e, Source Category field)?

Can somebody please point me to right direction

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Hi @Manoj_Dhake,
With the scripting extension you can add custom JavaScript that can update a multiselect field.

Your script will need to fetch from Snowflake, store the array of items, pull the current list of options in the multiselect in airtable, compare strings for duplicates, add a new item if needed.

const multipleSelectField = table.getField('My multiple select field');
await multipleSelectField.updateOptionsAsync({
    choices: [
        {name: 'My new choice'},

@Vivid-Squid - As i’m new to Airtable. So, Could you please explain more in detail step wise?

And how to configure snowflake connection or connect to snowflake ? Any reference link for that?

HI @Manoj_Dhake,
You would need to install the Scripting app to your Airtable Base from the Extensions Marketplace and complete the JavaScript, I only offered a snippet of a script to update Multiselect fields. I would not be able to assist you with connecting to Snowflake.

As far as I know there is no other way to dynamically update a multiselect field.

@Vivid-Squid Do I need to use another tool to bring the data from snowflake to airtable?

I am unsure what is needed to connect to SnowFlake. Do you know how to Fetch with javascript from SnowFlake?.