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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi, Noob scripter here

I’d like to create an automation based on a response from an email, that will trigger an update on my airtable. This is how I want the flow to work.

Based on a status I send an email that contains a link for the receiver to click once a job is completed. this link is the webhook I generated via the airtable script. once clicked this webhook updates the status of the airtable record.

After doing a lot of reading on the webhook I now understand that you need to create a POST request with an object (excuse my lack of knowledge I’m very noob at scripting) or payload for the webhook to deliver.

This has raised a few questions for me.

  1. How do I script the payload to be inserted into this webhook for the user. i.e. {"record": Record_ID, "status": "accepted"}
  2. Are webhooks unique? because I’ll be sending out unique webhooks and I worry that the URL changes to the last updated record id.

Is my logic on the right track with this?

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Airtable’s incoming webhooks need to be POST requests. However, clicking a link in an email can only create a GET request. Thus, your desired workflow won’t work.

Another option is to use an Airtable form. Generate a url for a prefilled form with enough info to identify the record and other data needed. Include the url for the prefilled form in your email. You can have everything in the form prefilled so that the user only has to click the submit button on the form. Then have Airtable run your automation script on the submission of the form. It is only one extra click for your users.

As for generating the url for the prefilled form, I recommend my app Ready Made Formulas. This particular formula is free.

Ah thank you, that’s disappointing but I understand now.

The form doesn’t really work in this scenario as I’m having a sheet filled out. I may have to change the whole approach in any case but that’s in the future.

Thank you for the help.

One possible workaround is for the email link—which sends a GET request—to call another service which can, in turn, create a POST request to pass to Airtable. I was recently turned on to Pipedream, which could probably serve in this capacity. (formerly known as Integromat) creates webhooks that can receive GET requests.

I’m assuming that many other external automation tools can do the same as well.