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4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys,

I’m trying to set up a GET API call with filterByFormula that would return an error instead of empty value. Imagine that I have two fields - {user_id} and {full_name}. {user_id} field always exists, but based on formula it should return:

A) 200 OK response if full_name does not exist
b) ERROR response if full_name field already has a value

Any help would be much appreciated!


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You can’t change those responses from Airtable’s API.

If you want to create your own custom responses, then you would need to setup a scenario in a webhook automation platform like

Setup a webhook to receive your GET call, perform your Airtable search, and then setup a router with 2 different filtered paths (i.e. conditional paths) based on the results of your search.

You can then customize a different webhook response for each conditional path.

Here’s a screenshot of how this would look in — it’s very easy: