Re: Is script extension really working? I have an script without errors but is not making anything

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, i'm landing with airtable and so far loving it, but I'm not sure if scripts works like other environments...

I have a table record with a lot of blank values at ID column because is an exportation from another ddbb and it exports fields with multiple values as a record for each value. Usually in other apps I make a script for this that get the variable when exists the ID value and replicate it at the next empty records ID until it finds a non-empty value and updates the variable, and so on.

I made the script and don't seems to have any fail but when executing is not doing anything (also no error text):

// Define the table and select all records
let table = base.getTable("Dashboard");
let query = await table.selectRecordsAsync();
let records = query.records;

// Initialize the lastref variable
let lastref = null;

for (let record of records) {
let currentDefaultCode = record.getCellValue("default_code");
let currentDefaultCodeNexus1 = record.getCellValue("default_code_nexus1");

if (!currentDefaultCodeNexus1) {
// If the "default_code_nexus1" field is empty, set it to the value of the lastref variable
if (lastref) {
await table.updateRecordAsync(, {
"default_code_nexus1": lastref
} else {
// If the "default_code_nexus1" field is not empty, update lastref with the current value
lastref = currentDefaultCodeNexus1;

// Update lastref with the value of "default_code" if it is present
if (currentDefaultCode) {
lastref = currentDefaultCode;

Any ideas? 

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Could you provide a read only link to a duplicated copy of your base with some example data, as well as some screenshots of what you'd like to happen in a before and after of the script having been run?  That would make it a lot easier to help you

Hi and thanks for reply! I cannot share a copy, but I can provide a picture that I think will explain what I mean.


Ah, without a base to troubleshoot it becomes very difficult to help you with your issue, sorry!  Hopefully someone else will be able to assist you!