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Javascript chart library?

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Has anyone found a javascript chart library that they like, that also works with React? I’m assuming that is one of the requirements as I seem to have struck out using d3.js inside my simple example.

Really excited to create a richer charting block, if I can only find the right library. Thanks!

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So I got recharts to work, but it’s not ideal for what I want to accomplish. I will probably continue with it for awhile while I learn what I’m doing. Never built anything in javascript, html, or most modern things :slightly_smiling_face: I was a C++ and Java guy for the part of my career that was programming.


In case it helps, here’s an example using Chart.js:

Nice, thanks. I just got a simple linear regression working using ml.js and visualized with rechart, but I might switch back to chart.js now that I’ve seen your pointer. I’ve been successful so far figuring out the puzzle (knowing nothing of the technologies), but now I need to get a little more background on React, etc.