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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have several hundred Jotforms integrated into Airtable. Based on AirTable's announcement about eliminating the API key and changing to two other methods, I contacted JotForms and was informed that they ONLY support the API key.

As of August first, I won't be able to create new Jotform integrations and as of Next February, all of my existing ones will stop functioning.

Does anyone have a workaround? it can't be a manual solution like copying and pasting because I use it to create real-time leaderboards from the results of the Jotform answers so the results have to get into AirTable instantly.

Thansk for any help!

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That's sad to hear that Jotform is ending their native support for Airtable, although to be honest, their Airtable support was pretty terrible to begin with, because many fields were not mappable between JotForm and Airtable.

If you want to continue with JotForm, you can always use Make's JotForm integrations, which will instantly send all of your JotForm data into Airtable, and it also provides a million times more functionality than JotForm's native integrations.

I have historically used JotForm myself, but if you're going to be forced to use Make anyways, you may also want to take a peek at Cognito Forms, which offers some cool advanced features that I don't think are available in JotForm, such as creating unlimited line items on a form, saving forms for picking up again later, and more.

Just to clarify - you will be able to create new integrations using your existing API until 31 Jan 2024.

But yes, this very much is the worst and it is even more the worst that JotForm is being so opaque about their plans for addressing this. I never thought that JotForm was going to tell the thousands of people who rely on their AT integration to go jump in a lake, but here we are…..


What a terrible situation that JotForm has put all of their Airtable customers in. It’s really quite appalling.

 From what I heard & read from Airtable, that is not correct. Existing integrations will work until January 31, 2024, but we will NOT be able to create new integrations using the API Key as of August 1, 2023 (In two weeks). Have you heard something different?

My current plan is to create a bunch of dummy forms and create an Airtable integration so I have some available to edit into real forms as needed. That only works until February when I am in deep trouble. I am reviewing a bunch of options but all of them require me to re-integrate over 300 forms. AARRGGHH. Still hoping Jotforms comes through but I sure wish Airtabel allowed the API keys along with the other methods.

Literally could not agree more. I have stress-eaten so many peanut butter m&ms today!

As I understand it, users can no longer create new API keys as of 1 August 2023. You can use existing API keys to access the Airtable API until 31 January 2024. See deprecation notice here.

I don't know how Enterprise works, but at the Plus/Pro tiers APIs are at the account level, not the base level. As long as you're integrating with the same account, you're snug as a bug in a rug until 31 Jan 24

If you're creating new JF integrations in a new AT account (for which you would need a new API key) after 1 August, you're up a very particular creek without a paddle.

Attached is the message I left on their message boards. Will post updates if/when I get one.

It looks like sometime earlier this year, Airtable mentioned that no new API keys would be able to be created starting on August 1, 2023. I don't think I paid much attention to that deadline before, but it definitely leaves a gap for brand new JotForm users between August 2023 and February 2024 -- if they want to use JotForm's native integrations.