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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I have this table in Airtable which has for about 10k data. I try to display it with datatable and it takes quite a long time to fully load the table. Is there a way to lazy load the airtable and display it on datatable?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Chad,

What do you mean by Datatable? Are you talking about the grid view?

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Or do you mean

Welcome to the Airtable community!

Are you accessing Airtable via the REST API? If so, you are limited by the capabilities of the API. You can get a maximum of 100 records per request, with a maximum of 5 requests per second. You cannot get the data from the Airtable API any faster.

You could use methods that involve caching the data somewhere else, such as using sequin.

Hi, Arthur, I’m using the nocode api to get the data from airtable, then displaying it with datatables

Hi, thank you for your reply.
Yeah I’m using the REST API through Nocode API. I can get all the data, but it takes to long to load all the records at once. In datatable we can use server side processing which I can load 10 out of 10000 data at first. But there are some return parameter that I should get like recordsTotal, recordsFiltered (Server-side processing) which I can’t get from the current REST API.
With Sequin, can I do this? Or do you have other suggestions?

Sorry, I haven’t worked with sequin enough to know if it can provide the server side processing you want.