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Linked Record - How to get the Actual Row Number

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I’m using Python - Airtable Rest API and having issues with Linked Records.
Example Here is what I am getting for Linked Records - “recUU4mTrhZ5W1bMp”
Instead of getting this, can I get the actual ROW ID.

I’m guessing internally it must generate some “AutoNumber” like 1,2,3…
how to get this Number instead of this Random some record identifier - “recUU4mTrhZ5W1bMp”

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hi @Sree_Iyer
identifier like “recUU4mTrhZ5W1bMp” are the actual ROW IDs or Record ID for the row. You need to use it to updates the fields of that specific row. If instead you want to retrieve the AutoNumber, you could create an column with the “Autonumber” field property, then upon your python request retrieve this info from the LINKED row RECORD ID. But in any case you still need to keep that record ID to update your row at some point.