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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi - I am trying to have a script that will take a single row with a linked record column (one which allows multiple entries), grab the data from the field, strip the commas, pivot the data (now 1 value per row), and then insert those rows into another table. For example, the source data:

Source table
Person Project (linked record, multiple)
Bob Proj1, Proj2, Proj3
Jane Proj1, Proj3

Destination table
Person Project (linked record, single)
Bob Proj1
Bob Proj2
Bob Proj3
Jane Proj1
Jane Proj3

I can generally understand existing scripts but am not a dev full time and so am not sure where to start with creating new. Can anyone help?

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i’ll take a closer look, test and answer in 1-2 days