Re: Make a template better by adding a script and win $100 + Airtable swag!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Airtable Community!

We just wrapped up our first challenge (stay tuned for the winners!) and can’t wait to see what you do with the next!

For today’s challenge, we’d love to see how scripting block can help make one of our templates even better. From podcast editorial calendar management to home remodeling to Esports tournament planning, there are hundreds of templates in our gallery, and we have a hunch that at least a few of them could be even more powerful with a script!

Things will work the same as last time:

  • Choose a template from our template gallery and create a script for it! Bonus points if your script uses one of the new input methods we introduced today. (Need a refresher on what those do? See this post.)
  • You’ll need access to the scripting block beta to participate. You can request access here (The scripting block is now available!) (if you haven’t already). If you don’t want to create your own script but have a great idea, reply to this thread and post it as a request.
  • Include comments to explain what each part of your script does so others can understand and adjust for their own bases!
  • Give any constants descriptive names to make you script easier to read and understand.
  • If you reference specific fields or tables directly in your script, make this clear in your comments so other users can update the names to match their own base setups. We recommend put anything that you expect others to change in order to use your script in a different base at the top of the script so it’s easy to find

And here’s a few logistics:

  • Create a new thread with your script (and a link to the template it goes with) and post the link as a reply here by 5 PM PT on Wednesday to be considered.
  • If you’d previously posted a script that matches the remix theme, feel free to submit it!
  • We’ll highlight the top submissions and the best one will receive a $100 Amazon gift card+ some fun Airtable swag. Everyone who participates will get something special, too!
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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Enhanced Content Calendar: Script: Enhanced Content Calendar

Hoping I made it in time :grinning:
edit: updated my script with an input field and republished to Universe