Modify 'Create Records for Multiple Templates' script for gantt

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello All,

Im trying to utilize the ‘Create Records for Multiple Templates’ script but running into trouble on modifying the script (or maybe there is a better script to use?).

Essentially, I got the basic script “out of the box” working.


  • holds the project list with project type, and target end date
  • holds the tasks for all projects
  • should be compatible with Gantt view
  • links to project in projects table
  • holds the templates for each project type

However when creating a project, there is 2 major problems:

  • no proper dependency, instead this script block just uses “Task Order”
  • no link to date fields

So basically im asking, how can I:

  1. Use a dependency field in the Template Table to carry over to the Tasks Table. NOTE: The Template table tasks are named by task, ie Task 1, Task 2. However the Tasks table tasks are named by Project - Task, i.e. Batman - Task 1. So when populating a self-linked table field in the Tasks table, it needs to convert the dependency (template) field into proper Project - Task naming.
  2. Add a date to only one of the tasks? So for example, once all the records are created for specified project I want to populate the start date of task 1 using a date coming from the Projects table’s “Suggested Start” field.
  3. Add a workback schedule in the Tasks table to compare to the work forward schedule? Essentially was hoping I can have a reference schedule for each task indicating the deadline of each task based off the Projects table’s “Launch Date”.

ADDED: 4. Is there a way to UPDATE records if the project’s tasks have already been created? For example adjust script so it checks if the new task record exists, ifs update any info applicable, otherwise if task does not exist then it creates it? This is a way to somewhat future proof it so that if I adjust template to add new tasks, I can then run script again for certain projects to add in missing task.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi @matt_stewart1,

I am having the same problem with dependencies. Did you manage to figure out how to make it work?