Need A Script for updating multiple records on Monthly Schedule

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4 - Data Explorer

I need a script for updating multiple records all at once for my automation that is scheduled to run monthly.
I am running a counter system that is adding for every run, then every month i want to reset that counter to 0.
The field here is a number field and everyone based on a view needs this counter changed to 0
whats my script? thank you!!!
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Are you …

  • wanting guidance on writing a script yourself
  • hoping to be pointed to an existing free script
  • hoping someone will write a script for you for free, or
  • looking to hire someone to write a script for you

If you want guidance on writing a script, post your coding background, what you have so far, and where you are stumped.

If you want to hire someone, I write scripts professionally. You can book an appointment with me to discuss your needs. This sounds like a fairly straightforward script.

It also is possible to reset the field using an automation without a script. However, that will take a slightly different configuration and will require more automation runs.