Need an airtable script or method to update linked records field when box is checked?

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4 - Data Explorer

hi im really struggling with something that i think should be easy but is very challenging to get right. I’ve been tinkering with scripts, automations and apps now to basically just manage one field in one of my tables.

I am creating a scope of work configurator that has a list of components in one table and in another table i want to create records for each distinct project that I create. What i would like to happen is to have a checkbox in the components table and then run a script to fire at my command, to then have a chosen record in the projects table to link to all checked records and then pull in the data it has to run a simple calculation/formula on to get a result that totals an estimate for the amount of hours it would take to complete all the checked items.

I need each project to be distinct so i can continue to update its unique record based on what’s checked in my script/app without having to create new tables or new bases for each distinct project.

I can make the calculation work but i can’t update the linked records field in the Projects table automatically when a box is checked, i have to manually add that record to the field every time, another approach i thought about also is to link to all records from the Components table to the linked records but this also doesnt seem to be possible or straightforwards to just have them be synced.

Please let me know a way to approach or if you can point me to any existing scripts that can update the linked records field automatically.

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Hi @Gambit_J,

welcome to Airtable community. Did you try the Airtables automation? You could create one by triggering the check box field and set an action to update the field with the link to records.

For any further help please text here :slightly_smiling_face:

Dimitris Goudis