Re: Need help to convert HEX Colour Codes to a Colour Name

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I’ve found a javascript code to convert HEX codes to a name. However, as I am not a javascript coder, I need help to make changes to the code so that it works when i run it as a script in Airtable.
Here is the link:

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Welcome to the Airtable community,

Can you provide a bit more background on (1) how you want this script to interact with your base, and (2) whether you are looking for free code versus have budget to hire someone who codes.

This script is a 646 lines long library file and it access both the document object and the window object, neither of which are accessible to Scripting app. However, that does not mean that what you want done cannot be accomplished in some other way.

(1) I would like the script to take in RGB values from 3 fields (R,G,B). The script then needs to output into a 4th field what the colour name is. The colour names need to be basic names like Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red, Orange, Black, White, etc.

  1. Yes I am ok to pay someone to write this script, thought a similiar script already exists, I just need it tweaked to handle point 1.