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4 - Data Explorer

Context: using Draftbit, react UI builder and rest api to Airtable, Draftbit form for creating Airtable API requests

I am trying to patch update records with linked record fields. I am trying two methods:
a) creating an updated list and then patching the field with the new list
b) using RFC 6902 syntax to add, remove array elements. Does Airtable support this part of the spec?
RFC 6902: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Patch

I am not using multi-select options instead I have a separate table with records I link to. I am not able to get it to work. The example would be a language field which links to different languages specified in that table and a user can support multiple languages.

I am posting screens from the form builder showing both methods. I would like to know If I was filling in the json using the form interface I show what would be the syntax using either or both methods.
FireShot Capture 016 - Draftbit - Builder -
FireShot Capture 015 - Draftbit - Builder -
FireShot Capture 014 - Draftbit - Builder -

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I got this to work. All I need to do is compose the desired link record array for a field. Here is the patch update structure. I also used typecast in the right place. Some references show it placed incorrectly after “fields” definition, instead it should be after “record” definition in the json. But I would like to know if method (b) is supported by AIrtable
FireShot Capture 017 - Draftbit - Builder -

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

How exactly are you fetching the records id? Or updating it dynamically?