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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Please is it possible to create a fresh base that will serve as our main client database that can sync with the marketing CRM the marketing team (GHL) uses. A very important component will be creating an internal facing and client facing dashboard for each client. There will be several components to this dashboard but among the most important is a calendar with milestones that when/if moved or changed the contingent dates change as well and the stakeholders are alerted. for example feb 1-4 is in the calendar as time allotted for "design sessions with a client" after those dates automatically there are other important milestones such as "construction document creation" which would be for example feb 6-8 and so on. if the user moves the date(s) then the subsequent dates move as well and the client and any other people (such as the designers) are notified.


Please is this possible and who has an idea to go about it

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Okay, I'll take a crack at this. 🙂 

Newbie1: Your question has two answers, a simple one, and a not-so-simple one.

The easy answer is, Based just on what you wrote (and insofar as I understand it), YES, Airtable should be able to do what you want.  

The second, not-so-simple answer is, it's not possible in this forum to explain in a response to a post how to use Airtable to build a complex solution. Your question is a bit like asking (say in a carpentry forum on the internet) "I'd like to build a house that meets the following detailed requirements [insert requirements]. Is this possible and can you tell me how to do it?" Not criticizing your question or you for asking. I'm just trying to point out that it's a big question. 

If you don't want to hire a developer to do the work for you, then you should just jump in and start learning Airtable. But I'd urge you to learn it a piece or feature at a time, rather than making your first base be this big CRM that you want. Learn to crawl before you try to walk, learn to walk before you try to run, and run before you try to pole vault.

Make sense?