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Search Multiple Bases

API for searching in multiple basesHi community, My company developed an API to search multiple databases, we used Airtable for a talent pipeline for the company's recruiting team, and we found ourselves with the limit of 50,000 records (teams plan)....

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Getting refresh token

I am trying to connect with other application that asks me for my client_id, client_secret, api_token, and refresh_token.So far I have set my api_token,  client_id and client_secret, but still struggling with creating the refresh_token. Where should ...

felixvidalgu_0-1718567986194.png felixvidalgu_1-1718568078504.png
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Get a table ID from an Interface

Hi, I'd like to know if it's possible to get the ID of an interface's table from its page ID, or if there's any other way to get the ID of an Interface's lined data for the api from within the interface itself? In the DOM or anywhere else?Our team bu...

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Question for Airtable custom extension review team

Would someone from the custom extension review team be willing to pop in here and answer a question for me?  Would be greatly appreciated!I've been working on a single extension for 18 months and have a question about breaking one of the extension ru...

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fine-grained timestamps in the "activity" logs

It is very frustrating to match up automations or API processes with data changes in a record's "activity" log with broad time information like "an hour ago" or "2 days ago." Please consider introducing fine-grained timestamps EVERYWHERE you log ANYT...

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Programatically click a button

Hello,I am new to Airtable. I am trying to do one automation which is as follows.I have a table named "(OMS) Invoices" having 2 newly added columns which I want to use for this automation.First Column name is "Generate Invoice" which is a button with...

Screenshot 2024-06-13 090058.png Screenshot 2024-06-13 091148.png Screenshot 2024-06-13 090236.png
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Sort list of Records by the order they were created in

How can Sort list of Records by the order they were created in both. Would like to know how I can do them both ascending and descendingI also don't have any created time field I can't create that since I'm using the API And as far as I know it does n...

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