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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

How do you keep track time spend on a given task ?

I’d love a ChromeExtension to start/Stop a timer on a given list of task (aka an AirTable View)
I don’t know if for a given Task it is better to

  1. Start / Stop a Duration field on a kind of Task row
  2. Start / Stop a tracker that will have a reference to a Task (to say I work on that Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Anyway :

  • all Pomodoro “like” are bazooka with non sens paid subscription … third party app SaaS, etc …
  • AirTable WebClipper is not very handy
  • AirTable TimeTracker use Dashboard (I find dashboard not very usefull for many reason)

Any Idea before I code my own extension quick and dirty ?

The cleanest solution (for me) would be something like WebClipper but to edit existing items and not only add new ones. So I would be able to quickly update task of a view for instance.

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