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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

How do you keep track time spend on a given task ?

I’d love a ChromeExtension to start/Stop a timer on a given list of task (aka an AirTable View)
I don’t know if for a given Task it is better to

  1. Start / Stop a Duration field on a kind of Task row
  2. Start / Stop a tracker that will have a reference to a Task (to say I work on that Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Anyway :

  • all Pomodoro “like” are bazooka with non sens paid subscription … third party app SaaS, etc …
  • AirTable WebClipper is not very handy
  • AirTable TimeTracker use Dashboard (I find dashboard not very usefull for many reason)

Any Idea before I code my own extension quick and dirty ?

The cleanest solution (for me) would be something like WebClipper but to edit existing items and not only add new ones. So I would be able to quickly update task of a view for instance.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


I used automations to create a work timer:

I just change the task status to "Active" while I'm working on it, then change it back to something else when I stop working on it, and the task always shows the total amount of time worked on it across all "work session."

Here's how it works:

I use automations to track my time. Here's how it works:

The Status field in the Tasks table has the following options:

  • Not Started
  • In Progress (Task has been started in the past, isn't finished yet)
  • Active (Task is currently being worked on this very minute)
  • Done

When I choose "Active," an automation creates a new record in the "Work Sessions" table and records the current time in the "Start" field. The new session is linked to the parent task.

When I change the task status away from "Active" (like "In Progress" or "Done"), an automation finds the currently active session for the task in question and records the current time in the "Stop" field of the session record.

A formula field in the "Work Sessions" table calculates total minutes worked for each session (it's just "Stop" time minus "Start" time).

Every time you change a task's status back to "Active," a new work session is created with a start time, changing the status again adds a stop time, effectively acting like a timer.

Tasks can require multiple sessions to complete, so there are often multiple session records linked to a task.

This allows us to total the time for a task across all session by using a rollup field in the "Tasks" table to calculate the total time across all sessions for that task.