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Resolved! clearing fields with scripting

Hi all,This seems pretty basic but I can't get it to work after a day of researching and patching together example code I've found. I have no Javascript experience.I simply want to run a script that entirely clears the contents of a column. Here's wh...

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Can I use the scripting extension in automations?

Hi there! So, I have a funny case. I wanted to connect to a webhook and grab some properties. I needed to create a script since I had nested data. I did that and noticed that I can't use updateRecordAsync() procedure inside scripts in automation. I t...

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First Formula

Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a new formula copy the product link and add my id to the end please help. Also any resources on formulas fr babies would be great because i feel my last hour was jumping down a rabbit hole to beginners which for me w...

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Needing Trigger for Extension

We utilize the QR Code Extension in our data base & am looking for simple automation to trigger said extension when a form is submitted.  I have all the steps down but the trigger from the automation to hit the manual button on extension. I expect it...

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Field is hidden when adding through the API

Hi!following the public api of Airtable, I tried to create a new field to an existing table of an existing base. It all goes as expected though the new field that I create is hidden. I wonder if there’s a flag I need to send in the api to have the ne...

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Resolved! Multiple fields in script config

I am new to scripting & know that I dont know exactly what I am doing however I like to learn & am kind of learning on the job taking it 1 step at a time.When creating a script the following code will allow the user to choose which table & field they...

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Integration of Zoho Form with Airtable and Softr

Good day Airtable Community,I would need your assistance on this matter.I have clients who would accomplish a certain form done via Zoho, and I wonder if I can show if client has completed the online form via Airtable and Softr?Thanks 

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Airtable to Bubble

Hi everyone,I currently use Airtable as my backend and bubble as my web application interface.There is a plugin on Bubble to synchronize data from Bubble to Airtable quite easily through the API.But I saw that API keys will be replaced by tokens star...

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AirTable Webhook Payload Retrieval

I am currently working with the Webhooks notifications ( to process record updates when a set of files/fields have changed. While I love the power and flexibility of the notification, especial...

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SCS by 4 - Data Explorer

Filter RecordQueryResult by field

Is there a way to filter RecordQueryResult by a checkbox field; let's say I want all records where the value is False?  let query = await table.selectRecordsAsync({ fields: [uniqueIdField, dateDueField, projectField, waiveRushField, comparisonFie...

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typecast parameter

Hi,I am working on a project requiring syncing complex data to Airtable. After having errors due to some columns containing json data (working on a Python script), I switched my API queries to typecast=true which solved my issue (json data is convert...

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Resolved! Is it possible to use Ajax in an Airtable script?

I want to make an automation that runs a script, and in that script I'd like to call an ajax function (either with jQuery somehow or with XMLHttpRequest() etc.) to grab some external data from a Google calendar. Is this possible? I've searched around...

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MrLuke by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Duplicate Base via new API

Admittedly, I'm super new APIs in general, and I'm using ChatGPT to generate the code. So, if you're looking at it and you're like 'you and chatbot are wrong about everything and this can't be done', please let me know.Here is my use case:Imagine I a...

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Button that runs a script to generate a random string

I'm not familiar with Javascript.Looking to make a button that will start a script to generate an alphanumeric string that's 8 characters long.  The code I found on Google to generate a string is:function makeid(length) { var result = '...

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