Release: create tables, create fields, and update field options from the Blocks SDK

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

A few months ago, we announced some unstable APIs for creating tables, creating fields, and updating field options using the Custom Blocks SDK. As of last week’s new release of the SDK (v0.0.54), these APIs have been marked as stable. These methods include:

If you’ve been using the unstable_ variants on a previous version of the SDK, you can remove the unstable_ prefix on these method names when upgrading your @airtable/blocks version to v0.0.54 or later. No other changes to the method arguments are required.

We’ve also added a new guide Changing base schema to the public docs site to illustrate how you can use these new methods inside your own custom block. Please refer to the FieldType documentation for full details on each field type’s expected options format. Creating and updating fields is not yet supported for all field types.

Here’s an example that showcases using Field.updateOptionsAsync to add choices to select fields (source code at bottom):


import {initializeBlock, useBase, Box, Button, FieldPicker, Input, Text} from "@airtable/blocks/ui";
import { FieldType } from "@airtable/blocks/models";
import React, { useState } from "react";

async function addChoiceToSelectField(field, choiceName) {
    await field.updateOptionsAsync({
        choices: [
            // Include existing choices
            // Color can also be specified here
            { name: choiceName },

function AddOptionToSelectFieldBlock() {
    const base = useBase();
    const table = base.getTableByName("Table 1");
    const [field, setField] = useState(null);
    const [choiceName, setChoiceName] = useState("");
    const [successText, setSuccessText] = useState("");
    return (
        <Box margin={2}>
                onChange={(field) => setField(field)}
                allowedTypes={[FieldType.SINGLE_SELECT, FieldType.MULTIPLE_SELECTS]}
                placeholder="Pick a single or multiple select field"
            {field && (
                <Box display="flex">
                        onChange={(e) => {
                        placeholder="Enter name for new choice"
                        onClick={async () => {
                            await addChoiceToSelectField(field, choiceName);
                                `Choice '${choiceName}' created in field '${}'`
                        Create option
            {successText && <Text>{successText}</Text>}
initializeBlock(() => <AddOptionToSelectFieldBlock />);
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Thank you VERY much @Billy_Littlefield !
As I explained before, (also to @Emma_Yeap ) it was already my first Usecase when Script-Block Beta appeared in december 2019 !

So I will now leave a little Script-Block, just a little, and progressively learn how to create a Custom-Block that could assist me this way to manage my Tables creations and fields maintenance !

Thank you for making Script-Block and Custom-Block live and evolve: I can see that in today’s market, only the CODE allows us to sharpen the precise tools we really need to make the best use of our favorite airtable !