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Retrieve column names via API

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Hi there
is there any option to retrieve column names?
Something similar to Google Sheets:
Method: spreadsheets.values.get
if range A1:X1 provided, then column names are returned.

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Make a call to the table index and read the field keys.

However, if any fields are blank, the API will not return those fields.

If all the fields are blank, then also how to retrieve the field names from the airtable API?

You can look into using the Metadata API to get all fields, even if there is no data.

Hello, I’m sorry to bring a somewhat aging post back to life, but I’m also interested in just being able to pull in the column names. It was mentioned to make a call on the index table. But I don’t see documentation for that. Is the index table something that always exists or something I’d have to create in my database?

Thank you for the help.