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Scrape YouTube Views at 24 hours after Publish

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey all. I have been building a Video Tracker Base for my Youtube content. It’s honestly one of the most enjoyable things I’ve worked on in Airtable so far.

Anyway, I’ve used this post to make an awesome clipper to pull in my existing videos (with the Clipper App). However, one common data tracking piece is what the view count is at 24 hours. I’ve never had a way to track this, and without setting a timer and manually going to track it myself, I’d love to make an Automation that scrapes the views off the video page.

I know the view count css selector is:
#count > yt-view-count-renderer >

Which works great in the clipper from the above-linked post.

Some examples of fields this would probably use :

  • Date Field called: Published (the publish date to trigger the 24hr timer)
  • Number field called: Views 24hr (where to put the scraped views)
  • URL Field called: Live URL (Youtube URL of video)

I’m thinking this should be do-able but I am not capable of pulling it together on my own.

Any chance anyone is interested in making a scripting app schema to do this that the rest of the community could use as well?

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