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Hi Airtable team - I’m seeing some strange behaviour - not sure if it is me or a bug. Here’s the scenario:

  • I have some people and some events - a person can have one or more events (linked field).
  • I’m updating the linked field in the people table (via a script) to all events where they have select “all events” (a different field). This all works fine.
  • I have a 2nd script that run on the matching linked field in the events table. However, I’m finding that although the tables are linked in the people table, they aren’t yet linked in the events table.
  • When the 2nd script runs it is not running against the full set of linked records and so is giving incorrect results.
  • If I refresh my browser the linked records show in the events table and the script runs as expected.

It is as though the links in the 2nd table haven’t been returned to the browser and the script is running totally in the client. The browser refresh populates the links in the events table client-side from the server.

I’m guessing, of course, and could be something I’m not doing correctly. Any insight much appreciated.

@Stephen_Suen @Shrey_Banga @Kasra



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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thanks for the report! This is a bug and we are working on a fix for it now.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

This issue should be fixed now. You may have to reload any browser / app windows to get the fix.

@Shrey_Banga - great, thanks! Will try it out.