Script Block Performance - "Stupid Fast"?

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There’s a saying in NASCAR, although the origin is largely unknown, really fast cars are often described as “stupid fast”. In my early and limited experience with the Script Block, I’ve noticed that barebones reading and enumeration of data sets are exceedingly fast - indeed, stupid fast.

This is great news - the team at Airtable cared greatly about the performance in script block apps when accessing and processing large numbers of records with potentially numerous fields. I think there’s a little magic going on inside this new feature which, in my experience, is quite impressive.

Writing data - updates to a field - not so fast. But this could be my poor design choices. I haven’t spent any time thinking about field and record updates thus far.

Here’s the base I used for these tests. It includes a quick-and-dirty benchmark block. I’m curious if these performance results vary by client.


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