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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello all,

We just launched a website to help small independant shops to sell gift cards during the covid19 crisis. Every week, we send them the list of their clients orders via Airtable.

Today, I put all the orders in one table, then filter one by one the orders for each merchant and create manually a new table for each merchant where I paste the filtered orders.

  1. Can we create these new tables automatically ? A script or formula would have to filter each merchant and create tabs accordingly.

  2. Can we update these tables automatically ?

A big thank you, we really need help, this project is volunteer and we already help 3000 small shops in France !


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Hi @Soutien_Commercants,

I ha e several ideas that might help. Doing a separate table for each shop is not practical.

First thing, how do you send the data to the shops? If by email, then you can automate that with Zapier

If you want them to see it in Airtable, I would make the shops as a Primary field in a table, link the shops field in your orders table to that table, use lookup fields to get the data required. Make several views, 1 for each shop, share with the shops the link to their views.

If it is a volunteer project, I would volunteer to create a base with a map for the shops and what they offer and let people order automatically from said shops. Feel free to contact me on