Script to send selected record to Zapier/Webhook when ran?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’d to send selected records in Airtable to Zapier in order to push the record’s data to another platform.

Ideally, the user could select one or multiple records in a table view, click Run on the script block, and the process would occur.

Can anybody point me in the right direction on where to get started?

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Hi @Nick_Bergthold1 - you might not even need a script to get this process to work. With Zapier you can trigger a Zap with “new record in a view”, so, potentially, you could construct a view that captures the data when certain conditions are met. If you really want to be explicit about it, you could create an additional checkbox field “Send to Zapier” and the view is constructed around this, i.e. filtered where the checkbox is checked. This would put specific records in the view and Zapier will pick this up.

Will that work in your scenario?

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No, this won’t work, there’s more to the script than just this action. I’m just wondering how this particular part would work, if it’s possible.e8ac224ba9ee97e87670ed6f3a2f0128b7af9fe4.gif

Likely possible, and this might give you a starting point.


I don’t know how to do this with the scripting block to handle multiple records at once. That’s because I’m still learning JavaScript, and @JonathanBowen is our master JavaScript expert here! :winking_face:

But, you could very easily trigger a Zapier webhook on a record-by-record basis.

Just create a formula field that results in a. URL — you would combine the “catch hook URL” that Zapier gives you, along with the record ID of your record. You can get that using the formula RECORD_ID()

Then, whenever your users click on that URL for that record, it will trigger the zap.

Yes, the downside to this is that your users will get taken to a blank tab in their web browser which confirms the action, but they could just close that tab and come back to Airtable.

Otherwise, as @JonathanBowen mentioned above, I would just use the built-in triggers of Zapier (and even better, Integromat) to handle this. Then you don’t need to worry about webhooks or scripts at all.

The Airtable trigger functionality is already natively built into Zapier and Integromat!

(Although Zapier’s functionality is extremely limited without the On2Air Actions plug-in, so we tend to steer people towards Integromat if they have the apps you’re looking for.)

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@ScottWorld, his requirements apparently preclude the black-boxiness of running a Zap.

Yes, indeed this is easy, but it is an incomplete solution for this guest because there’s apparently other logic that needs to be considered.

Setting aside the need for in-process logic, this is not the only downside. There’s costs, data in the wind (security issues), possibly a CSO breathing down his neck - fill in the blanks; many reasons that glue factories are not always ideal. However, this could be overcome with embedded javascript in the Zap.