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4 - Data Explorer

Is there any way to solve the problem that occurs when the user clicks the submit button at the end of a form, but doesn’t go to the URL previously configured in airtable? (In fact when clicking on send, the user sees a message with the URL, but is not redirected. A horrible experience).
I know that is a common problem among the community. But would it be possible to solve this using the ‘scripting’ block?

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Are you referring to the submit button on a form view where someone can create a new record from a webpage?

If so, scripting block cannot do anything about this. Scripts run only in the context of the desktop application.

Is the base with the form in a Pro workspace? The url redirect only works in a Pro workspace.

Yes, it’s about the form that people create a record clicking at submit.

I have a Pro plan, but that feature, in addition to providing a bad experience (with the URL redirect message), doesn’t work and doesn’t send to any URL.

So, I imagined that it might be possible to solve with ‘scripting’ block.

Have you looped in support. This is unexpected behavior to my knowledge,