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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all. We have a custom-app in which its returned some data. We would want to bind this flow, so, when user selects something at the custom-app, the referred record(s) are picked at the table. We tried a lot of ways with no success. Custom-app data comes from an i-frame. We are able to have the records array but we still are not able to pick records as it is shown in the screenshot. Thanks in advance


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Custom apps can “import” the list of records selected in a table’s grid view, but not the other way around as you’re suggesting.

Which records are selected in the Airtable user interface is read only data. A possible alternative is to have a checkbox field and have your app set the checkbox field. You could then have a filtered view that only shows records where the checkbox is set. A custom app is capable of changing the display to a specific view.

Thanks for your quick replies mates, You make an awesome community! I’ll try to solve it by this way and I’ll tell you. Thank You so much