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Sudden Increase in GET Errors

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Over the past month or so, I have been experiencing a significant increase in errors when doing GET requests using the API. We are definitely not hitting the 5 request per second rate limit, and aren’t sure how to diagnose and fix this issue. We were hoping to be able to review a history of API queries, but AT support let us know that no such record exists.

Has anyone else experienced a sudden increase in GET errors like this? Any tips for diagnosing or resolving it?

Thank you!

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Hi—Evan from Airtable’s API team here.

I’m not aware of anything that should be causing this uptick in errors, but I’d love to help you debug. Some things that could be helpful:

  • What errors are you seeing? What’s the HTTP status code of the response? What do the response bodies look like?
  • What kind of GET requests are you making? Are you trying to list records in a table? Are you trying to list single records? Full requests would be helpful.
  • When did these errors start happening? How much more frequent are the errors? Are you getting an increase in errors, or are you only seeing errors and no successes? The more specific, the better.
  • Are these errors from Airtable’s servers, or are they from code running on your machine? For example, if you’re using a client library, the error might be from that library, not from Airtable’s servers.

I saw that you also opened a support request. If any of this info is sensitive, feel free to send it there instead of posting it on this public forum.

Hi Evan,

Thanks for reaching out to help. Here are the answers to your questions, and please let me know what other information would be helpful:

-It’s not giving us any specific error code - it’s just not giving us a response.
-This is our GET request path: ?filterByFormula=%7BOMID%7D=’{OMID}’
-We have been tracking GET errors for several months, and had very few up until May 8th, when we started to see a huge uptick. Now, we are seeing the error in about 30% of cases.
-They’re coming from AirTable’s servers, not the client library.

Thank you!

It’s strange that you’re not getting a response at all. That suggests that your connection to Airtable’s servers is having trouble.

Are you able to make other kinds of API requests to Airtable? Could you copy-paste the error message here (removing any sensitive info)? What programming language/library are you using?

@Raffi_Grinberg Have you figured this out? I’m curious to know if you’ve solved your problem.