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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I already have an existing database with about 3500 records. Each record contains a high rez image of a piece or artwork. The database was originally created for the sole purpose of keeping records of an artist’s work. The needs have grown. We are near the 20 Gig limit that Airtable allows our Pro account for images. I would love Airtable to look into a folder (Dropbox or something similar) and match a record number with file names. If it sees a file name that matches the record name it looks to see if it has an image in the image field. If it does not, it imports that image. If it does have an image it checks the date of the last import and if it matches the creation date of the file it does nothing. If it finds that the creation date of the file is newer than the last import date, it deletes the image on the record and uploads the newer image.

I also would love to automate the creation of links to be able to download hi rez versions of the image files in the record. I am trying to manage the 20 gig limit of attachments allowed by Airtable while still allowing access to higher rez files via link.

Is this possible via API?. I have been trying to study the use Zappier or Integromat but find those services too limiting. I wanted to see if this was possible via API before hiring someone to do some programming for me. I am sure I am not the first one to need this sort of integration.

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This is very likely possible through API’s – I know Airtable’s API is capable of supplying the information you want if it is stored in a field, and capable of inserting new data like the “Import Date” for an image file. I’m not sure if Dropbox’s API is capable of producing the “Creation Date” of a file or not, so that may be your sticking point.

Using the APIs from a custom application will definitely offer you more flexibility and power to do what you want to do over using Zapier or Integromat… but the thing is you need an application that is sitting in the middle handling those API calls for you. That’s what Zapier, for example, is doing – it is an application that is sitting in between Airtable and Dropbox and making API calls based on the logic you tell it to use.

If you want to go straight to the APIs without Zapier or Integromat, you will need a programmer to write an application that contains the logic for these API calls, and manages the API calls. And you will need a server, or need to rent server space, to host that application.

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4 - Data Explorer

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4 - Data Explorer


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