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4 - Data Explorer


I need your help today.
I would like write a script to update à LinkToFild with multiple Record Links. I write this script but “await tableLudique.updateRecordAsync” doesn’t work.
Can you help me ?

let inputConfig = input.config();
let rentedgames = inputConfig.listingrent;
let proposedgames = inputConfig.listingpropose;
let tableLudique = base.getTable("Profil Ludique");
let recordsPulpo = await base.getTable("Liste jeux de PulpoLudo").selectRecordsAsync();
let record = inputConfig.record;


for (let rentedgame of rentedgames) {
    for (let proposedgame of proposedgames) {
        if (proposedgame == recordsPulpo.getRecord(rentedgame).getCellValue("Référence")[0].id) {
            proposedgames.splice(proposedgames.indexOf(proposedgame), 1); 


await tableLudique.updateRecordAsync(record, {
    "liste des jeux à proposer": proposedgames,

Thanks for your help

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You’re console logging the proposedgames variable, what output is it showing?

A Link to Another Record-type field needs an input that is an array of objects with a single property of the record ID, which would look like this:

[{id: "recXXXXX1"}, {id: "recXXXXX2"}, {id: "recXXXXX3"}]

Thanks for your help.
proposedgames = [“recXXXXX1”, “recXXXXX2”, “recXXXXX3”]
With a for I have created the array of object and I have resolved my issus.