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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hope you are doing well

I downgraded my account to free one about 4 months ago and upgraded it again today
But all the attachment urls are not available
I am not sure this is due to newly added expiration feature or other issue
Please help me if you have any idea


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Your guess is probably correct. Expiring urls was rolled out to everyone in the intervening months. You can read more about it here.

Having a free account versus paid account should have no effect on the availability of attachments via url.

How are you obtaining the urls? How long ago did you generate the urls? What do you want to do with the urls?

What is the format of the urls? What are they the links with the filename at the end? Are they the urls with no filename? 

Hi kuovonne,
Thanks for your quick answer

I just put static photo url to img tag on profile page but it displays nothing and shows 403 error
I am not sure how to get image urls dynamically by code
If you have experience in this, please help me

The urls are links with the filename at the end

If you just grabbed the attachment url from a formula field and stuck it in an img tag on a webpage, I am afraid that you are out of luck. Even if you get a new url via code, you would have to get a new url every couple of hours. Airtable does not want to be used as a CDN (content delivery network) for its attachments.

I recommend that you host your photo on a DAM (digital asset management) platform like Cloudinary instead. If you only have a handful of images, you can use the free plan.

Hi kuovonne,

Could you let me know how to get urls using JavaScript?

Thanks in advance!

If you already know how to write JavaScript, here is the support page with the attachment field format:


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I hope it's okay for me to hop on this thread with a slightly different, but related, question. 

I download my airtable data into a CSV for uploading into another site. To do this, I had a separate field that extracted the URL from the attachment field, and then I used that to have my CSV importer upload the image. Is there a way to replicate this within the new system? 

I ask because the attachment field also includes the file name and the URL wrapped in (). So the importer I'm using won't accept it. 

Thanks! Also happy to move this to a new thread if I need to. 

Edit: Looks like there's already a thread on this. Apologies!