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View "now" filters don't update through the API

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I’m using the Airtable API to pull down data from a View that is filtered by “now” filters. I have a calculated field which returns how many days it has been since that record was created (to return “everything that was created yesterday”) as well as a view that filters on “everything that was edited yesterday” which is also calculated based on a date field we have set.

In both cases, I am hitting the API using those views to pull down the relevant records, but that data doesn’t change unless someone is physically viewing that view on the web portal. That is to say, if we don’t open that view those filters don’t get updated and we end up getting the same results each time we hit the API even if the results should have changed.

Is there any known work-around other then having a browser open to both views before my script is run?

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Additionally, date filtering doesn’t appear to work in the filterByFormula in the API.