Webflow API call through airtable script app

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6 - Interface Innovator

Anyone has used a scripting app to run API calls to add/update webflow cms items?

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I haven’t personally used the scripting app for my API calls to WebFlow, but I have created integrations between Airtable and WebFlow’s API using Integromat, which is a low-code/no-code integration platform that doesn’t require scripting.

They have built-in WebFlow modules, and you can also make your own custom API calls to WebFlow as well:

Thanks, @ScottWorld !

Yea, that is relatively easy way. I’m currently using Zapier[costlier but better error handling] for it. Scripting would save a lot/most of tasks if it’s setup correctly.

Could you share some resources[better if it’s working examples for syntax] for creating it? [I am not experienced with scripting/json/JS, but knows a little to read & implement docs and understanding similar use-cases.]


Sorry, I don’t have any scripting examples, but perhaps others here do!

No, problem. Thanks for the reply! Will update here, If I could find something helpful.